The Lakers signed former Heat guard Dion Waiters for the remainder of this season.
Giannis and his brother Thanasis Antetokounmpo got into heated exchange with a fan on the way to the locker room after their loss to the Lakers.
He said "Giannis, you guys ate it tonight, ate it.....right in the ass"
Roughly you got F'd in the A.
Patrick Beverley was super Patrick Beverley in the Lakers @ Clippers match up.
Draymond Green has signed with Converse. Here's him debuting the new Converse G4's.
Converse is owned by Nike so they're still able to utilise the best of Nike's footwear technology.
The G4 has React in the heel and Zoom technology in the front of the shoes.

What about the minimal Supreme Air Force 1s?
Would you also cop the Hoka One One Ten Nines?
Booty so thick on those.
We chatted about the league wide memo send to all 30 teams with regard to COVID-19 was has been affectionately been just called the Coronavirus.
CJ was ahead of the curve.
Lebron had this to say about the memo regarding having no fans in attendance for Lakers games.
Our mate Dan joined us on the podcast and opened up about his struggles with Crohn's Disease and how it resulted in him not having a belly button.
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