Luka Doncic got shut down by the Clippers defense. He ended with 22 points, six rebounds, and six assists, but he also turned the ball over seven times and went 0-8 from three-point range. The majority of his points came from the foul line. Turns out the key to beating him is elite defenders. That's all.
Brandon Ingram got fouled by KCP, coaches challenge, LeBron saying refs will never overturn, etc...
NB Frank Vogel screaming "Did you touch him?!?"
Kyrie was Kyrie again with the Nets loss against the Celtics.
New City Jerseys got announced. The Cream City jersey was.... decent.
These two jerseys from Miami and Cleveland were straight up fire though.
Noel saw this interesting entertainment exit row leg room combination on the way to New Orleans via Detroit. He probably had a crook neck after the 4 hour flight from PDX to Detroit.
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