Our boy Simmo hit a THREE! League is FUCKED!
The Clippers / Celtics match up was one of the best games so far this season.
Noel's favourite player of this past week was BEVVIE.
That's some Academy Award level acting right there. 
Some Clippers fans clearly edited Daniel Theis' Wikipedia page after he got DUNKED on by Kawhi.
RIP Theis.
Luka Doncic is an early MVP candidate in his performance so far. He broke the NBA record for scoring a 30-point triple double in the fewest minutes played with 25 minutes! We expect his games to transfer to national TV games soon.
Andre Iguodala had this to say about Luka's mum though during his fateful NBA Draft.
Melo's reason for being the number 00... Was interesting to say the least.
Harden is gonna Harden.
Worstbrook made this weird 1 vs 5 play. Which is very Westbrook if we're being honest.
He even complains to the ref at the end.
Virgil Abloh collaborated with IKEA for a new collection which dropped recently. Thoughts?
Elon Musk Unveiled his new pick up truck the CYBERTRUCK last night and it has all the Blade Runner VIBES. For a minimum of 39k... COP OR DROP?
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