Carmelo Anthony signed a non-guaranteed deal with the Portland Trailblazers. Will he improve the Blazers chances of making the playoffs? We have our doubts but are hopeful.
Does Kyrie Irving PROVE that the Ewing Theory is correct?
Herwin reckons that the hero ball mentality of Kyrie definitely proves this. The ball isn't moving as well and the players tend to be stagnant on the plays.
In Garbage Time we discussed our must have tech. Google Maps was a prominent one for our team as it ensures that we know where the hell we are going. In Johan's words if someone gives you an address, what the hell do you do with it if you didn't have Google Maps. 
As a result are we getting dumber? The opinions are mixed.
Would you get this Bose Headphone in the form of a Neckphone? Noel reckons it looks like a toilet seat.
Noel also got the chance to try out the Nike Hyperadapt BBs. It was very comfortable but not something he'd try and play basketball in. As far as Noel is concerned the technology itself is really interesting and has many applications outside of the world of sports like in the medical field.
The 350 USD price tag for the Hyperadapts are a little steep though for the average user. 
Would you cop these for 350 USD for these?
Ja Morant has custom pairs he plays in with the Grizzlies. Thoughts?
We also chatted about the other piece of technology in Back to the Future. The hoverboard. Lexus actually built a functioning one.
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